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Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology ?
Vedic Astrology is a noble science from the ages of Vedas. This was founded, investigated as developed by the maharishis of Vedic times. Among them Aryabhatta ,Maharishi Parashar,Varaha Mihira, garga,Kalidasa kalyan Varma are known for their contributions. The origin of this science can go back as old as 4000 years.    To Get free 40 page Scientific horoscope click  KUNDLI

What is this science based on ?
Planets:- Vedic astrology reckons only 9 planets, Sun,Moon,Mars,Jupiter,Venus,Saturn and two shadowy planets Rahu (the dragon's head) and Kethu (the Dragon's tail). Stars :- The Indian School of vedic astrology recognizes 27 constellations from Aswini to Revathy. Signs :- the Planets move under 12 signs of zodiac covering the entire sky,from Aries to Pisces.In India various part of the country astrologers have their own methods of deriving astrological solutions.

What do Kerala astrologers do ?
Keralite Methods :- The Keralite method of delineation of Horoscopes is highly valued for the predictive accuracy. Kerala had made significant contribution in the field of vedic astrology by contributing "Prasna Marg", considered as the Bible of Horary astrology and Aryabhatiya by AryaBhatta, the 4 Th century astrologer. This book is well known for its accuracy.

Here is a simple question for the doubtful minds
If the Maharishis can exactly determine the longitudes of planets, constellations, signs, shape of earth, important comets with their Divya drishty (the divine power obtained by their yoga) without having telescope or any of equipments, why they can not interpret the nature of impending events that can happen to human life ? They have taken celestial objects for this interpretation of human life because which are always changing, position of planets and other objects changing seconds to seconds.Planets at Birth for a particular person will not be same for other person.

What Keralaastrology web can do ?
The keralaastrology web is providing Greatness of traditional subjects like Vedic Astrology,Vedic Mathematics, Vaasthu Vidya(Building Construction) to the Internet community through various services. Astrological guidance (Please fill this form)
Specific questions about future life
Detailed horoscope
One year predictions
Mohoorth (Auspicious time) for
  Starting new business
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  Starting long journey and much more...    

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highly valued for the predictive accuracy

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