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kerala Vasthu, Vasthu vidhya of India ,VAASTHU in general
The science of construction of towns, temples, mansions and houses on Vaasthu (the earth), is called Vaasthu Vidya. The term Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasa, meaning habitat. In "Amara Kosa" the Sanskrit dictionary. Vast is referred to as the site, fit for construction of a residence. Hence, the science pertaining to the construction of houses came to be known as Vasthu.
An Ancient Temple

Bhavishyottara Purana
According to Bhavishyottara Purana, the epic depicting future,every one must have an ideal house fit for residence. It also states that the rituals and ceremonies performed by people residing in rented accommodation do not yield desired results. However, our research and experience on Vaasthu has proved that the efficiency of Vaasthu remains unaffected irrespective of the ownership of the habitat. According to Varaha Purana, an ancient epic, a king named Sankhu was able to regain his lost empire by performing penance on a hill situated to the west of the lake, on the advice of Aakasavani, the celestial voice. This goes to say that there must be an elevated terrain in the west. The stories and anecdotes in epics may seem to be legendrical but the contents are based on hard facts. That is why great saints(Rishis) had referred to Vaasthu as a means to human welfare.

Ellora Caves

Matsya Purana
In Matsya Purana, the acqua epic, eighteen preceptors of Vaasthu have been mentioned
(1) Bhrugu
(2) Atri
(3) Vasista
(4) Viswakarma
(5) Maya
(6) Narada
(7) Nagnajit
(8) Visalaksha
(9) Purandara
(10) Brahma
(11) Kumaraswamy
(12) Nandisa
(13) Sounaka
(14) Bhargava
(15) Vasudeva
(16) Anirudha
(17) Sukra
(18) Bruhaspathi.
Albeit the name of the saint Kasyapa had not been included in the above list of preceptors of Vaasthu, Bhrugu Samhita, the first treatise on Vaasthu refers to Kasyapa Silpa as the earliest book on Vaasthu.

Agama Sastra
In Agama Sastra, the science relating to the construction of temples, Vaasthu is considered as the basis for any type of construction. Vedavyasa in his Mahabharata the great epic, had mentioned that the root cause of the great battle, viz., Mayasabha, the Royal assembly, was built by Maya, the divine architect, in the shape of a square each side measuring 10, 000 cubits based on Vaasthu.

Vaasthu as an accepted scienctific method
The history starts with the civilization of man. The civilization had commenced with the construction of cities, houses and mansions. Hence Vaasthu happens to be the basic element of civilization. The excavations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro indicated amply the influence of Vaasthu on Indus valley civilization. In 4th century A.D. during the regime of Varahamihira, the Brahma Vaasthu Sastra was said to be in vogue.
The development of Vaasthu in India as tradition can be traced in three regions.
Vesara Desa
Dravida Desa
Naga Desa.
Vassthu propounded by Maya,the divine architect, was in vogue in Vesara Desa, the land between Vindhya mountains and the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. Vaasthu enunciated by the saint Bhrugu was adopted in Dravida region comprising South India. Vassthu preached by saint Kasyapa was widely followed in Naga Desa, area between Vindhya mountains and Himalayas.

The importance of Vaasthu in modern days
The ancient version of the science of Vaasthu was confined to the construction of royal palaces, temples, fabulous edifices possessing steps studded with gems, pearls, diamonds and having gold plated keosks etc. We do not find references to the habitat of the common man, the reason being the inaccessibility of literature and science to the common man. But since change is the law of nature, the concept of Vaasthu has also under gone a change over a period. With the advent of democracy in the place of dictatorship the royal palaces were replaced by the common dwellings. The life style of the common man became the cynosure of scientific pursuit and the efforts of research made by the modern Vaasthu scientist are mainly intended at the sophistication and comfort of human life, to meet the challenges of modernisation.

How Useful is Vaasthu Vidya for You ?

In olden days the arrival of a bride in a joint family was either hailed or deprecated basing on the developments that take place in the aftermath of her arrival. But nobody was looking at the issue from the viewpoint of Vaasthu. Generally the establishment of a new family necessitates certain structural changes like construction of a separate bedroom, bath room, septic tank, and a new type of hearth so as to suit the new couple. Such sort of changes do effect the Vaasthu potential of the house either favorably of adversely. Due to innocence or ignorance of the people of yore the credit or blame used to be passed on to the new entrant into the family.

What Keralaastrology Web Can do ?

Prepare Drawings based on Vaasthu Vidya
 ** There are many things that can be adopted in modern building designs including
Divine Dimensions
The Conventions regarding the position of rooms(Orientation)
Locating the right postion for building in larfer plots
Changing size of the rooms according to Vaasthu dimensions
Our Vaasthu Architects can do all these for you with a very reasonable cost.
Our experienced Thachans(Carpenters) acn give poojas and prasnam(Horry astrology).
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